Learn how to cook Asian/Louisiana Cajun style dish at home using Spiceganic product. It is 100% organic and natural with no msg. We also have many other organic spices and is made to order.

Basic recipe for 1 lb of cooked seafood:

  1. 1.5 stick (6 oz) of butter (add more butter for personal preference to achieve more sauce)
  2. 1 bag (2 oz) of Asian Cajun seasoning by Spiceganic
  3. 1 lb of cooked seafood (shrimps recommended)
    Optional – fresh chopped garlic and lime juice


  1. Melt butter in medium heat pot
  2. Add Asian Cajun seasoning
  3. Mix and stir well
  4. Combine cooked seafood and sauce together and stir
  5. Add optional garlic and lime juice

How to Cook Asian Cajun Video

It’s that simple.

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